Members of the Westboro Baptist Church appear to be on their way to protest a prayer vigil for victims of the Aurora massacre, according to tweets from members posted by Examiner.com.

Using the hashtag #ThankGodForTheShooter, Examiner.com reports members tweeted out their plans to “super picket” the candle lit prayer service, saying “God is at work in Colorado.”

Almost immediately, members of the community launched a campaign on Redditand Facebook to form a “wall of love” around the memorial service to block the group from getting close.

Any followers who live in Colorado or the area, go join the wall of love, don’t let them ruin this memorial service.

This proves to me that they’re not for God, they’re truly for attention. Cause they’re fame whores. 

//HOLY MOTHER FUCK. THESE PEOPLE…. UGGH… *facepalm+headdesk*


Oh, where’s that gif of the angry black woman with the knife when you need it?! I swear, Some people. Can I punch those douchcanoes in the face? please?


I’m taking a moment, as a Christian, to publicly apologize for these pathetic excuses for people.

What they do and believe is NOT the belief of any other group of Christians. What they do is wrong and disgusting.

Please don’t hate the rest of us for their repulsive behavior. Please.

…I think my heart is breaking a little bit over this… I hate them. So much…

OOC : I wanted to go down to Colorado, but i don’t have the money. I can at least give a signal boost, in case someone does live in Colorado.

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    agreed. I’m starting to think westboro is its own religion in itself that has a god that hates everything and anything...
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    SIGNAL BOOST. Westboro “Church” is full of shit. See that sign? “God is your enemy.” I’d like to point you to...
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    I want to go to Colorado right now dammit.
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    We just got them out of my town for trying to protest a soldiers funeral…over a thousand people showed up to keep them...
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    Hater God must be it’s own new religion, because I don’t want to be associated with these people.
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    If someone just walked into their church service and started firing, would they say God hated their church members? This...
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    fuck these people… i fucking hate them…
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    This group saddens me so much. What they say and do in the name of God just horrifies me. I’m a Christian and my God and...
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    Yes, they DO look for where they’ll be despised most. They want: 1) all the notoriety and attention they can get 2)...
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    How DARE they smile while they do this. And people wonder why I got out of this religion. They’re all balls-to-the-wall...
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    Those Westboro Baptist churchgoers are terrible people. Why do they think anything good they do is right? God is a...
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    i live like 45 mins away from this place. They make me sickk
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    You know what a dream of mine is? I’m planning to go to America soon for a while, and if I hear of them picketing near...
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    "Please don’t hate the rest of us for their repulsive behavior. Please." If they are not standing for what Christianity...
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    This is what I hate most about people like this. Going around, claiming they fight and speak for God. Saying how God...
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    ooc: Does that really say ‘Heath in hell’? Are they talking about my Heith? Is someone dying tonight?
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    Can we just kill these fuckers already?
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