Fic: Finding God (Thor/Tony)

Summary : Tony’s never believed in God, or a higher power. Then his car broke down, and he met Donald Blake - aka, Thor.

Warnings : Uh…Mentioned blowjob (briefly), implied sex, domestic adorablity? Yes.

Tony’s never believed in God. Never believed in a higher power that controls your life, never believed in anything like that. And then he had met Thor. Met the man that went as Donald Blake to everyone else, but Tony knew different.

Met the man who loved to get dirty like him, covered in grease, take apart cars and motors and got that itch that Tony got when facing new toys, and had calloused, gentle hands.

That liked pizza and cheap beer or soda. That liked Disney Movies like he did, that liked to sing ‘Make a Man Out Of You’ when he stripped engines.

And Tony found his God. Found his god in soft kisses Stolen at night when watching TV, lazy and affectionate when Tony would show up with Pizza for lunch because Thor forgot to eat when he got focused on Cars.

Found his god in fingers tangled in his hair as they made out on the couch, some senseless show playing in the background, tangled in his hair as Tony took his time with his mouth and tongue wrapped around Thor’s cock, working the other to hard, slow release.

Found his god in fingers wrapped around his own as Thor kissed and stroked him through his own orgasm. Found his god in Thors name screamed for the nosy neighbor to hear when Thor brought him to that hard, pounded release in bed.

Found him in every smile, and every glance, and every frustrated huff, and every second Tony realized how lucky he was his car had broken down that day.

And everyone could fuck off - he would rather live with and worship his God than any other. 



Imagine Person A of your OTP losing their eyes, rendering them blind—and then Person B sitting with them for hours, letting Person A run their hands over their face so that Person A won’t forget what Person B looks like.

{ Sorry, but the way I read this. Just.

“Sebastian! I’ve misplaced my eyes eyes again.”

“Damn it, Jim…” }

These stupid eyes are useless, and Jim hates useless things, wants to get rid of them, pull them from their useless sockets, but he refrains, even as he sits in this stupid hospital bed, small raised lines radiating from where the acid hit him.

He’s been alone most of today, Sebastian off with a list of tasks to accomplish, but then the energy in the room shifts, something subtle but is as known to Jim as breathing, and he turns to where the door is at, having heard it open several times today.


A weight dips his bed, and fingers curl along Jim’s, and he would never, ever allow this under normal circumstances, would punish Sebastian for having the audacity to touch without permission, but these are not normal circumstances, and all Jim can think is that he’s  relieved he can still touch at all.

He feels Sebastian press something into his hands (sunglasses?) and he slides them on gratefully, before he lifted his hand, sliding it slowly over Sebastian’s face, the other not moving, and then he trails a finger over Sebastian’s lips.

"May I?" Sebastian’s voice is a dark drop against the silence of the room, but Jim nods once, and then a pair of lips are against his, and he is grateful.

He does not need to see to know what Sebastian looks like when they kiss, or when they fuck. This is easy and finally something feels familiar. Silly Tiger may know what he’s doing after all.

[About Me] The Past [Part 1]

{Part 1}

Steve looked like that - scruffy, unshaved, and Tony had loved it. Loved that even though he went out every day with the avengers as Commander Rogers, in that blue suits, white accents, that he came back to the Tower.

He was only 18, Tony, and He had just gotten back from Afghanistan, Pepper and Obidiah were gone now, having been arrested, and Steve and Rhodey and Bruce waited for him when he  stepped off that plane, a large reactor buried in his chest, and Steve had asked him to marry him, and he had been so happy, of course would!

They didn’t even get half a year together as an engaged couple.

The skies had darkened, and Loki had appeared. Swathed in black, and attacking ruthlessly - he took Thor first, his brother standing at his side with bright blue eyes, and then they fought at his tower. He fought to keep his country safe, to Avenge their handler, Maria Hill, who had fallen protecting Clinton.

Loki had dragged his son into the room, and Tony had screamed, fought against Thor’s hold as Loki killed Bruce, the four year old fell beneath his knife, and Tony /couldn’t stop screaming/.

Loki  walke up to him, still held tight by Thor, and shoved his staff against his chest, and Tony fell, fell to Ice and Knowledge and Darkness.

And then he woke up long enough to see Clinton and Natalia and Fury dead, his hands covered in their blood and the memory of cutting their throats happily, and Loki made him watch, look right into Steven’s eyes….and shove that knife through his heart, as Steve whispered ‘I forgive you’ and then he died.

And Tony broke. Cracked, and gave up, letting the darkness into him. Anything to be numb. Anything to be happy and not feel.

He fought for a bit…and then stopped even doing that. Let the voices control everything. Felt the darkness in him grow as his Arc Reactor stuttered, having trouble, and Loki ‘snicked’ it free from his body, pressing a shard of pure Tessaract inside him. 

"Such a good pet for me, a good general. I will give you this~" He purred to Tony, and all he could remember was being so fucking happy that he could please his Lord.

And then a routine experiment on the Tessaract opened a stray portal, and Tony fell through, fell to this world where he met the original Tony Stark.

Who was broken himself, begged for death, begged for quiet finally, couldn’t handle it. And though Tony’s darkness begged for blood, violence, he couldn’t do it to his namesake…and so he fed him poison laced whiskey, the other thanking him as he went to sleep, and simply didn’t wake. He’d given him a quiet burial, and then took over his life, getting ahold of pepper, and having Jarvis give him a rundown on differences.

His Bruce was older here, not even his. Steve didn’t even like him. Loki had been defeated easily. Thor was a friend, not an enemy. No Wade or Peter in the Avengers at all, or Carol. No Hank or Janet.

In this world, he had Pepper and Happy and Rhodey. Pepper was a close friend, not a betrayer. He sat the three of them down, and explained point blank what happened. They…accepted him. They had known about Tony, and Jarvis showed them the tapes where he had let Tony die peacefully.

And so he had stepped into the shoes of another man, and took over seamlessly, Happy helping cover the tracks when his darkness demanded death and violence. 

And Everything was going fairly well…until he met the other dark ones.

{End of Part 1} 

Fic: Hypothetical (IronTie)

[Sorry if its a bit disjointed, it was put to word very fast~]

{Warnings : None!}

[A hypothetical - what if situation because I can’t stop thinking about it XD]

Phil was used to people congregating near his office - they were usually looking at the area above his office, or wanted to see about the famous Agent Phil Coulson. But there were more than ever before today, mostly Female Junior Agents, peeking in at him, and continuously giggling.

Finally one knocked, and he looked up, smiling blandly when he saw her. “Miss Rosenberg. Please, come in.”

The girl came in, and bit her lip, before sitting across from him, and then she blurted out. “Are you really married to Tony Stark?”

Phil’s mind went on careful protection.

“What makes you think that, Miss Rosenberg.”

“He just announced it at a Press Conference.”

Phil groaned. Goddammit, Tony.

“I thought we talked about Privacy, Tony.” Phil’s voice is hard, and Tony winced, running a hand through his hair as he paces, his phone to his ear.

“It was an accident! I was getting overwhelmed by the questions, and they snuck it in, I didn’t even think before I answered it!”

“/If you would allow me, Master Phil./” Jarvis cut into the call, and then Phil’s computer screen was playing a video.

Tony frowned, clenching his hands as the questions were shot at him from every side, and he tried to keep them in order, and then that stupid blonde bimbo he’d slept with from the Enquirer was standing up.

“Mister Stark, Do you now, or have any plans in the future, to start re-creating weapons?”

“Stark Industries is not looking into Weapons Creations at this time.”

“And is it true you’ve sold the Stark Mansion?”

“The Mansion is in other hands at this time, and has no intentions of being sold.”

“And your ex-wife and ex-husband?”

“Are elsewhere, and have no need of it.”

“Are you sure, Mister Stark?”

“Very, Miss Brown.”

“And your new spouses name is?”

“Phil Coulson.” He answered, before clenching his mouth shut as the camera’s started going off, and the other girl looked triumphant.

“…The ring. You’re wearing your wedding ring at the Press Conference.”

Tony huffed. “I wear it everywhere, Phil!” He sat in a chair, and felt miserable. This was so bad. Possible-Second-Strike-Bad. If pictures had risked Phil’s job, being linked to him was going to be horrific.

“….I can go somewhere for awhile. Let this die down.”

“Don’t be ridiculous - its already out there.” Phil said, frowning. “…We’ll deal with this.”

“I’m so sorry, Phil….I just can’t stop fucking up.” He let his head fall back.

“Shut up.” Phil said, growling. “I am tired of you beating yourself up. She tricked you, and yes, this will have some backlash, but we’ll work through it. /Besides, you’re mine, little Monster, and now everyone will know it./”

Tony shuddered as King spoke, and smiled. “Will you….Will we be okay?”

Phil coughed, now knowing why all the girls were squealing about them ‘being cute’ outside his office now. “I’ll figure out how to help you spin this. We’ll be fine.”

“I love you. All of you.”

“And I love you. I’ll be home Soon…once I can get through the fangirl crowd outside my door.”

He could /hear/ Tony’s grin. “Have fun with that, Darling~.” He laughed as he hung up, and Phil sighed, feeling the tingle of Calliope up his arm.

“-Sir, if I may….Maybe this will be good for you and Master Stark-”

Phil made a sound, taking in her words, but not answering them.

Now he needed to find out how to get home. 

Fic: Do Better, Tony Stark (IronTie)

[This is based on a private RP between me and King. The basic gist is Tony took some pictures of Phil to show others to prove others realized that Phil was cute too, and Phil told him it was a violation of his trust, and told him it was the first strike. Tony promptly lost his shit, and yeah - thats a whole separate story.]

[Warnings : Tony’s crazy as fuck, mention in passing of Drugs.]

{reposted from earlier because I adjusted some things~} 

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Fic: Phonecall (IronTie)

[Summary : Tony is a trip to Italy with Pepper and ends up sending himself into a Pepper doesn’t know what. But she knows just who to call to get Tony grounded again. IronTie / Homicide Husbands. ]

[Warnings : Implications of Murder?]

Tony cackled, falling back against the couch, and Pepper cursed, trying to wipe at him with a towel, and Tony just batted her away, and she groaned, Tony falling against the floor as he stumbled.

He had gotten antsy, and went hunting, and while Pepper and Happy had easily cleaned the mess, they needed their normal Tony back for this meeting - they were smack dab in the middle of Sicily, and no way to get to Phil - who normally calmed Tony down.

Being Tony’s best friend gave her a view of Tony no one else had - just how /in love/ Tony was with Phil. Of just how normal he made him.

And Tony was used to crashing out with Phil now, with his husband, and to do it alone was making Tony a little…wild.

She cursed, and grabbed her phone, setting it speaker phone, and called Phil.

He picked up on the second ring. “Ms Potts, is there anything I can do fo-”

“Heyyyyy, its Phil!” Tony said, stumbling over, grinning, before he giggled. “Hey Phil.”

There was a pause, and then the voice that came back over the phone made Pepper shiver, let her see why Tony was so in love for just a second.

“/Little Monster, did you go out without me?/” King purred over the phone, amused.

Tony grinned again, nodding, realized Phil couldn’t hear him, and gave an affirmative. “Y-Yeah. He screamed so pretty, King, you’ should’a heard him.”

“/Oh, I’m sorry I missed it. I need you to do something for me, Tony./”

“What is it, my King?”

“/I need you to get Pepper or Rhodey, are they nearby?/”

“I’m here, Phil. I’m the one who called.” Pepper said, stepping closer. “I need Tony to get ready for his Shareholders meeting.”

Phil made a sound in his throat that came over the phone, a soft hum.

“/Tony, listen to me. Listen to Pepper, and be a good boy, and when you get back home, we’ll go out hunting proper./”

Pepper shivered from the voice again, even though it wasn’t directed at her, and Tony curled around the phone, as if to get closer to him. It was goddamn adorable….if only a little weird since Tony was covered to the elbows damn near in blood.

“Want you.”

“/You’ll be home tomorrow. You can last that long. Tell you what, when you come home, we’ll re-open some of these old marks, how about that?/”

Tony shuddered, and she wondered what that meant, but Tony was calming. She wondered just who this man was that could somehow wrestle the package of broken that was Tony Stark into a whole person, a happy person, and he did it so calmly, so easily.

“Kay, My King. Love you….”

“/Love you too, Little Monster. All of you./” The phone hung up with a soft snik, and Tony turned to her, pouting.

“Stop that, and stand up. We need to show shower and get you dressed.” She poked him, and he went with her, grumbling.

“Pep, I want King. Go get me King.”

“You’ll see him tomorrow.”

“Pep, i want him now-”

There was a chime from Tony’s starkTech, the radio turned on, and the messages Tony had saved, Phil talking, King singing, started playing, and Pepper thanked gods she didn’t believe in for Jarvis.

“There. Now shower, or I’m taking the messages!”

He grinned, and got in willingly.

All in the day in the life of Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts.

Anonymous inquired:

Agent Coulson died in the line of duty months ago. What /have/ you been hallucinating?

[oh holy shit here have fic-]

Pepper and Jarvis watched from the one sided window, Tony wandering around the little room, but he insisted was a Loft (“Phil built it you see, its very cleverly designed-“) and had conversations, and reached out at night for a man who wasn’t there, had never been there.

(“No, Pep, Ph-Phil came back, and see he’s got some healing Mojo and you’ll see. He’ll make everything better.”)

For awhile Tony was convinced that he was a serial killer, and Phil was going with him.

(“Just ask Fury about Kingfisher, Pep-“)

(“We checked all our records, there is none of a Kingfisher.”)

And somehow it was worse when Tony started rubbing his ring finger, and told Pepper that he had gotten Married! Phil was his soulmate, and they had agreed to Marry, and his ring was lovely, it went marvelously with his dogtags.

(He had no jewelry, nothing - just plain white scrubs and his linens.)

And then…there was a breakthrough.

(“He’s not coming back.” Said a dark, lucid voice, looking at the mirror, in the middle, vaguely. She hit the button to make it two-way. “What?” “Tony. I won’t let him see this reality.” The voice said firmly, and Pepper knew. “…Sid.” He nodded once. “I’ve made him happy, and you will keep him here. Or the streets will be /slick/ with blood.” She had nodded once.)

The next time they saw him, they listened patiently about how he and Phil were going to get a new puppy. And of course they were happy for him. Because Tony was happy.

Lycanthropy is not real, it is a mental disorder. As long as you don’t accept this inalienable truth, you’re not going anywhere I don’t want you to. Understand?

They tell him to leave. They tell him he’s not needed to stay, he doesn’t believe himself a werewolf.

Of course he’s not a werewolf. He’d never betray the others like that, they need their human in the pack, so that he can walk freely and get what they need. Lydia needs her science books and her hair brushes and her Jackson, Scott needs to be able to sneak to see Allison, and Derek needs them all, his beta’s, his seconds, his human.

(But he had to be at Lennox to see them, to stay with his pack, so he signed himself in. As a self-admit, he had much looser restrictions than the others.)

Because his pack needs him, he thinks as Derek curls against his leg, Scott his arm, Allison one side. Jackson is against his knee, Lydia curled against Jackson, and Erica at his other arm, Boyd beside her.

Because without him, his pack would fall apart. He smiles smugly, and lets his hand stroke through Scotts hair, through Derek’s hair, and ignores the screams outside his door. 

He’d done what he had to to bring his pack together.

(“Blood will wash out with some peroxide and Water.” Lydia assures him.)

He’d do it again if he had to. A hundred times. A Thousand Times.

He lets his head rest back against the wall.

Anything for his pack. 

Because without him, his pack would fall apart. 

AU : Jim Moriarty is tracking down yet another body left behind by one Sherlock Holmes, the ‘Un-Catchable’. The calling card is almost taunting, cocky - an ‘SH’ carved into the stomach of each victim, so that Jim /knows/ they’ve been left for him.

@shieldshawk || Various Pairings

BrontideThe Low Rumbling of Distant Thunder (Thor x Clint)

The sky was clear this morning, but now its gaining a darkness, grey clouds rolling in, a smell of Ozone on the air, thunder in the distance and faint flashes of the thunder’s partner, lightening.

Clint knew something was aggravating Thor (storms didn’t pick up this fast) and he knew his lover would come home when he felt it was safe for him to be around the fragile mortals again.

Clint just had to wait. Even though he hated it. 

Apodyopis: The Act of mentally undressing someone (Tony x Clint)

Aaron held his glass firmly, laughing where he needed to, playing his part perfectly. His suit was impeccable, not a seam out of place, and he knew how good he looked, used it to his advantage.

Hands moved across buttons that were too small, frustrating to open, and a laugh fell from the others lips as they tumbled to the bed.

He kept his hand around Pepper, kept his gaze on the ones talking, but his mind wandered, wandered to where he wanted to be, where he could never go.

Skin pale and smooth and perfect revealed as layers came off, and lips kissed red and full, bitten by lips and traced by tongue.

Because the one he thought about…belonged to someone else.

Petrichor: The smell of dry rain on the ground. (Jayne x Simon ; Firefly)

This planet was small, almost annoyingly so, but Mal had a job here, and they were low on Medical supplies. Simon needed more of everything more than what they had.

Everyone was grateful for the break too - they’d been skybound nearly four months straight, no break, and they needed to be able to scatter for awhile, before they killed each other.

It was dark here, naturally it seemed, and there was a constant smell of light ozone, rain in this place, though it was dry. He liked it. So did Jayne, and that clenched it for Simon. If his partner liked it, who was he to argue?