We’ve lost control
Anything but gently down the stream
Hold me close
Hold me tell me life is but a dream
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Tony knows Laz has insecurities…but he’ll do his best to kiss them all away.

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Former Vandal - War (x)

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Because no matter what anyone says, I believe in Jasper Sitwell.
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Tony Stark is not meant to be broken, but every man has a limit...
A gifset based on my Tony’s Alternate Reality background, where the torture he went through at Loki’s hands broke him.
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Tony’s Verses : Part 1 / ??

Just something I wanted to put together, because…i wanted to make gifs. Tony’s top ten verses, in no particular order. Click the picture to see who the verse belongs too! :D

( govthookercoulson| rightful—king | captainamericarogerscoulsonphilcoulson | runawayscientist | dummystark | flewintotheice | lilredalpha | tippytoplad )

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In which the scars Tony holds may actually have more of a hold on him.
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Psychiatry At It's Finest S.H.I.E.L.D.
At Steven Strange’s Hospital for Insuperable and Extraordinary Lifetime Diseases, Tony and Bruce are newly introduced roommates - Tony, with his imaginary AI best friend, and delusions of being a Super Hero, and Bruce, with his enormous anger management issues and other personalities that even he doesn’t know about. 
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Who’s gonna fight for the weak
Who’s gonna make ‘em believe
I’ve got a hero (I’ve got a hero)
Livin’ in me

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I hate what I’ve become
The nightmare’s just begun
I must confess that I feel like a monster
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