Look I made a stupid edit because it’s adorable. Tony : x-tony-x-stark-x. I’m Dark. Original pic by qouinette

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UH. I decided that Dark/Tony needed some ink? I tried to match the contrast/shadows of the rest of the picture? I may not have. OH WELL. I like it. :)
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"Now, i want you crawl over here, so i can see you where you belong, omega."
"At your feet, Alpha?"
"At my feet. Good boy."

…ITS SHORT BUT IT FITS DON’T JUDGE ME. Based on my Tony and insomniacannotsleep :3
There are things they've actually done together, and then there are things Tony wants to do to him. Whether or not they'll be brought to fruition, only time will tell.
gammagreen | Verse: Fervor | Colored:Happened/B&G:Fantasy
We’ve lost control
Anything but gently down the stream
Hold me close
Hold me tell me life is but a dream

Tony knows Laz has insecurities…but he’ll do his best to kiss them all away.

Former Vandal - War (x)

Because no matter what anyone says, I believe in Jasper Sitwell.
Tony Stark is not meant to be broken, but every man has a limit...
A gifset based on my Tony’s Alternate Reality background, where the torture he went through at Loki’s hands broke him.

Tony’s Verses : Part 1 / ??

Just something I wanted to put together, because…i wanted to make gifs. Tony’s top ten verses, in no particular order. Click the picture to see who the verse belongs too! :D

( govthookercoulson| rightful—king | captainamericarogerscoulsonphilcoulson | runawayscientist | dummystark | flewintotheice | lilredalpha | tippytoplad )

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