Berserker Verse | Character Profile | Devon
A lower level mage who is more likely to be in his garden or talking to animals in the woods than in classes, it shocks everyone when Stark chooses him as his bonded. Like Stark wears a collar and cuffs tattoed to his skin, Devon has a red mark over his heart.
While the relationship he sustains with Tony is unusual, he wouldn’t change it for the world.


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Berserker Verse | Character Profile | Stark
Stark is an unknown Thrall from Purgatory, who killed his summoner and chose a different mage to be his bonded. They toe the lines of decency (or cut the lines completely) and soon, its not clear who exactly is corrupting who….


Stony Stripper AU: Steve is a dancer at a local club that offers private dances and evenings, for a fee
Remember Me for Centuries
Verse Gifset || Devotion Verse

Tony may not have ever expected this, but his family is more than just his daughter. He won’t give it up for the world.

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Les is a beautiful human being, and her Steve is amazing. She’s been one of my longest partners, and I never get tired of seeing her or Steve.