insomniacannotsleep :: You mentioned shipping names and I started thinking verse names and made a thing. I hope it’s okay? Oh gosh

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Les is a beautiful human being, and her Steve is amazing. She’s been one of my longest partners, and I never get tired of seeing her or Steve.
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okay, so I was a bit hesitant at first, a blog that was both Bruce and Clint? But the Mun has an amazing voice for both muses, and I’ve never regretted following them. So you shouldn’t either
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This bae used to my Sammy/Loki but now she’s got a kickass Bucky blog so go follow it right meow
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So I made a thing for me, and then for a few of my recent favorite people insomniacannotsleep sleeperagent-bones

*disclaimer in that I love all of you! this was just for fun don’t spazz if you’re not here

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Look I made a stupid edit because it’s adorable. Tony : x-tony-x-stark-x. I’m Dark. Original pic by qouinette

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UH. I decided that Dark/Tony needed some ink? I tried to match the contrast/shadows of the rest of the picture? I may not have. OH WELL. I like it. :)
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"Now, i want you crawl over here, so i can see you where you belong, omega."
"At your feet, Alpha?"
"At my feet. Good boy."

…ITS SHORT BUT IT FITS DON’T JUDGE ME. Based on my Tony and insomniacannotsleep :3
There are things they've actually done together, and then there are things Tony wants to do to him. Whether or not they'll be brought to fruition, only time will tell.
gammagreen | Verse: Fervor | Colored:Happened/B&G:Fantasy
We’ve lost control
Anything but gently down the stream
Hold me close
Hold me tell me life is but a dream