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February 17 2013
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The voicemail starts, and it's Kingfisher singing, sounding half-drunk and lazy, voice drawling slightly as he sings the blues. "I'm no candle backing, blowin out in the wind.. I'm no suffering like, the game I'm in. I'm no street walk, I got fire and brimstone. Sorry to disturb you, and your happy home. All bets are off now, when the fire hits the sea..I'm gonna lay it on you child, bring it all to me.."

Tony’s day has been the definition of ‘shitty’. So much shit has gone down, and he’s barely had time to take a /piss/ by himself today, let alone get coffee or Lunch.

He finally sneaks away to get a cigarette, and sees a message from Phil, forgetting about his somewhat half-assed not-very-secret Vice as he opens the message.

The song starts to come, and Tony can hear the rolling flames in the voice, and oh oh oh this is his Kingfisher, and he loves it, it’s been too long.

He saves the message, lays there a second, and then replays it.  

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January 24 2013
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ofmg your theme is so pretty how do u even do shit like that omg ovgm

I edited a different theme via the HTML code :3

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January 23 2013
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You are such a cutie patootie.

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January 23 2013
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[I think I would like whump!Clint and mildlylesswhump!Tony and BAMF!Phil trying to get out of some situation that's just gone FUBAR. Maybe Phil and Tony (while limping) are trying to drag Clint to safety with arms thrown around shoulders to support the most injured in the middle. They take shelter somewhere and after injuries are cleaned and bandaged, there is lots of gentleness and cuddling and slow, lazy kissing and petting.]


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January 23 2013
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[[Yes, hello, I'd like an order of whumped!clint/Tony, please? Extra fluff on the side. Thanks! -kisses- Love you baby.]]

[How about we RP it? :D]

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January 23 2013
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((Let me see some frosthawk! Hurt/comfort/guilt, mayhaps?))


They thought they understood. They thought they were saving him, ‘breaking him from Loki’s hold’, as Natasha put it, running her hands over his skin, and Clint shuddered, and she thought it was because of Loki.

They were wrong. They were /all wrong/.

Clint had wandered his whole life. From home to the orphanage to the Circus to SHIELD and around. Then he found Loki - he found truth and safety and his God. He found religion, he felt, and he wanted to worship.

He’s standing in the middle of a fight now, fire is raining down around him, and there are monsters destroying his city, and all he wants is to fall into(against) Loki’s arms(mouth) again. 

He glances around and see’s Thor and Loki fighting on Stark tower. He jumps on top of a bus and hops a Chitauri cruiser before jumping and rolling onto the rooftop, makes a risky decision and slams Thor with a Sonic Arrow, knocking him from the rooftop.

Loki turns to him, and there is fire burning behind the Ice in his eyes, and Clint shivers. Then silver, lying lips curve into a smile, and a hand is brushed over his temple, and he doesn’t need the staff now to take over Clint’s mind - no blue gaze is given, because this servitude is given willingly.

And Loki gives his orders - (“Fly, my Hawk. Show them what it means to fight against us.”) - and Clint is gone, one of the Chitauri war ships flies him around, his feet locked in place.

It’s almost disturbingly easy to take the others down. An EMP tipped arrow drops Tony, a heavy sedation sends the Hulk into a haze, and then muscle relaxants for the rest. Simple.

Loki destroys the nuke over the water before it arrives, and the others watch (those who are concious) in unconcealed horror as Loki wraps an arm around Clint, finally giving that glorious feeling as their lips are pressed together.

A gift from a loving God to his most devoted Servant. 

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January 23 2013
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Domestic killer husbands, Dummy and Tony.

They stumbled into the house together, blood soaking their clothes and  thick red striped of copper liquid coating everything. Tony dragged him into a shower, kissing him hard and heated under the water, slowly washing the red off of Dummy as he picked him up and entered him easily.

They moved together slowly, comfortably, no hurry in the world. “Mine…..” Tony growled, and Dummy shuddered, nodding, and finally came as Tony wrapped his hand around his neck and squeezed briefly, Tony following him swiftly.

Tony took his time after that, getting Dummy re-cleaned, before rubbing him down with a towel and carrying him to bed, ignoring Dummy’s insistence’s he could do it himself.

He lay Dummy down on the bed, and spooned up against him, holding him close and nuzzled his neck. “Love you.” He mumbled, and Tony smiled. “Love you too, my first perfect boy.” He purred.

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January 23 2013
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thorki...loki lost his helmet. pure fluff. do it. dooooo iiiitttt.

Loki was cursing, going up and down the halls of their bedrooms, throwing things from chairs and couchs, dragging the blankets from their bed.


"I can’t find it!" Loki hissed, and Thor blinked slowly. "Find wh-" "My helmet you oaf!" He growled, and Thor sat back, smirking, amused.

He knew where it was, obviously, but Loki would have to ask nicely.

"Thor, come help me find my helmet!" Loki cried as he went into the next room. 

"Alright did it." He called back, picking up his goblet and taking a drink of spiced whine, ignoring the glare Loki gave him around the door jamb.

"I am never going to kiss you again."

Thor choked, and fumbled with his cup, setting it down as he coughed, and he could practically feel Loki’s smug look.

"It’s under the bed." He choked, and Loki bound over, pulling it out and grinning. "Thank you, Thor, Darling!" He cooed, kissing Thor’s cheek and leaving the room with a swirl of his capes. 

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January 16 2013
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RAWR ! YOU'VE JUST BEEN ATTACKED BY A DINOSAUR WITH A MESSAGE FROM A FAN. Now you have a few things to do. Send this to 5 blogs you love. Post 4 things about your Muse, 3 things about your mun, 2 things about their relationship, and 1 deep dark secret ! GO!

  • Five Blogs To Tag
  1. govthookercoulson
  2. shieldshawk
  3. marksmanbarton
  4. dummystark
  5. themasterkoschei
  • Four Things About Muse
  1. Tony dislikes working on grenades and mines. He would much rather make guns and WMD’s.
  2. Tony loves not only rock, but also punkish type music. (not screamo though)
  3. Tony misses his horse, he had a beautiful black Stallion when he fought with Loki.
  4. One of his favorite things ever is to rip cars apart.
  • Three Things About Mun
  1. Mun has eight tattoo’s, all but one are Fandom.
  2. I can read 1800 words a minute, with a comprehension rate of 97 percent.
  3. My favorite bands are Panic at the Disco, Metallica, Disturbed and Marianas Trench.
  • Two Things About Their Relationship
  1. I have two notebooks /full/ of the conversations me/My Muses have with each other. Literally. I’m on the third now.
  2. I think without my Muses….I would have gone crazy by now. We keep each other sane.
  • One Deep Dark Secret
  1. I am 22 (23 in April) and I am still happily a Virgin.

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January 15 2013
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bluesigma Asked
I'm giving you some lovin's. You are a wonderful person and fabulous in every way. <3


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