Not A Superhero


Dummy was told to get out of the Tower. To take his things and leave. Tony didn’t want him, didn’t need him, that he’d hated the AI since he created him and only kept him around because he was lonely. Dummy tried not to cry when Pepper kicked him out. He, Jarvis, You, and Butterfingers were on their own for the first time ever. All but Dummy had a job, his disabilities making it impossible for him to be useful. At least his brothers cared enough to keep him around. He tended to the apartment and cooked, and that was enough for them.

Soon Dummy started to stalk around the Tower in his spare time. He never saw Tony leaving the Tower, never saw him anywhere he loved to stay. It was unsettling. The others wouldn’t listen to him about it. Finally Dummy found his way into the tower, taking bolt cutters to break in. Without Jarvis in the Tower the security was easy to bypass. It definitely wasn’t something Tony made. It took him a couple minutes to make his way upstairs and get to his creator.

He finally made his way to Tony’s old room, and it broke his heart at the sight he’d walked in on. “Tony?”

Tony blinked over, eyes dark. His hands were above his head head, hooked to the bedframe. He winced at the dark light, even as he pulled his knees up a little. “You’re…not supposed to be here.” He whispered, not meeting Dummy’s eyes.

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A/B/O AU @Darklystark



Tony groaned, and made it to the living room, before he pushed Lazarus to the ground, kissing along his  thigh and yanking his pants off, burying his face into his wet hole, lapping at him.

Lazarus screams at the first tongue of tongue, arching his back and burying his fingers in Tony’s hair. He screams, and sobs in pleasure, because it feels too good, too amazing and he feels like he’s going to burn up.

He pulled back, groaning. “Fuck, you taste so good…” He panted, standing up to get them undressed as quick as possible. “Need you. Right here.”

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Not A Superhero

Tony really should have expected this. It had taken longer than he expected, but it wasn’t really a surprise. They always hit and took, and they always hit again and they always took from him, always used him until he was empty, just a shell like his suits.

Rhodey. Stane. Countless others in a string of bad decisions by bad decisions. Only Pepper and Jarvis ever stood by him…and now Pepper had taken the one thing away that had made him truly happy. She made him destroy his suits.

He watched them burst into a shower of sparks, and couldn’t stop crying, wanted to scream and yell, and every time one blew up, Tony’s heart jolted. But Pepper had said to do it, and Tony always listened to Pepper, because Pepper knew best….

Pepper pulled him from the scene with rough, hot hands, and Tony stopped talking after the third time Peppers eyes flashed orange, her finger tips streaking with fire.

He wasn’t allowed back in the lab. Pepper had always controlled things, but now it was even more so. She controlled everything, every part of him. And he wasn’t Tony anymore, wasn’t anything anymore, just broken and used and wrung dry.

Even their sex was routine and mandatory, Tony told to lay his back and keep still. Tony laid back and tried to not be there.( He’d tried to tell Rhodey(who only came over once before not coming back) that Pepper had been raping him, but Rhodey had scoffed and said he was a guy, he couldn’t get raped by a girl. Plus, he had come, right? So not rape.)

He was effectively kept locked away, not even allowed his bots or Jarvis, even though he’d practically begged. (“Please, Pepper. Please let me see them.” “No, Tony. It’s too dangerous. Eat your breakfast.” “Please, I-” Her eyes had flashed orange, and Tony shut up like a good boy.)

And then she told him flat out that she wasn’t allowing him on the Avengers again. Too dangerous for him, didn’t he see? She was just keeping him safe. And Tony knew he was broken far worse than he knew when he didn’t feel…anything. Just nodded. He was just a man in a suit, anyway…useless and unneeded. 

She’d started chaining him up to the bed when she went to work, the world under the impression that Tony had died, or gone to rehab, or something….Tony’s really not sure. The only thing he knows for sure is that he belongs to Pepper, and…he’s definitely not a superhero anymore.


Fresh From War


The agent watched Tony Stark, eyes wild, hair long and clad in dark, layered armor. It wasn’t for show, the armor showed signs of regular use, and Stark moved in it like a second skin. Stark was amused by the situation apparently, and Hand was aware this was the only reason he was still handcuffed to the table.

They got visual confirmation that Tony’s been in his house this entire time, and then she knows they’ve got a bigger problem. That this stark isn’t from here - was probably never from here.

She steps into the room, and doesn’t shiver as his eyes watch her, sharp and piercing and she’s reminded of Barton, who sees everything. He crossed his legs, and settled back, watching her silently. He’s yet to say a word, and compared to their Stark, who never shuts up, its unnerving.

"Mister Stark."

He narrows his eyes briefly, looking displeased. “Den språk du snakker, kvinnelig, er en forbudt på. Som du er vel klar.

She frowned, and sat still for a second, as they find someone to translate the words. “Why do you think they’re forbidden, Stark?” And then sat up straight when his next words were translated into her ears.

Fordi Master Loke har forbudt deres bruk." "Master Loki?" "Ja. Ruler of World, lure deg. Eller i det minste min egen hersker.

Hand stood up at that, and walked from the room. “Someone get a hold of Thor!” She said, shutting the door. Tony frowned, eyes narrowed quietly, fingers curled together. His hands still bared the marks, faintly, of the designs of his homeworld, though they called forth no magic here.There was no connection to his Lord here.

He sneered. He disliked it.

A/B/O AU @Darklystark


Lazarus fell into his arms, whining softly, and rutting his hips against Tony with desperate need. He followed Tony, practically glued to his side, panting and keening soft in his throat.

Tony groaned, and made it to the living room, before he pushed Lazarus to the ground, kissing along his  thigh and yanking his pants off, burying his face into his wet hole, lapping at him.

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A/B/O AU @Darklystark


Lazarus tugs him up to devour his mouth hungrily, scrambling and attempting to get up, uncaring of his half unclothed state.

"Yes, god yes, please, PLEASE!"

Thank god for private elevators and garages. “C’mon.” He kissed him, over and over. “In the house.”

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A/B/O AU @Darklystark


Lazarus writhes, bucking and impaling himself on Tony’s fingers, muscles squeezing around them sinfully tight. “Tonnny I need your knot, please! oh-Oh god, please, I’m burning up-”

The car pulled to a stop, and Tony groaned. “We’re here, c’mon-” He broke away, dragging his tongue over his fingers, groaning. “Delicious….”

He leaned down kissing the edge of Lazarus’ hip. “Lets get you inthe house, ill knot you proper baby.”

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terranalexander inquired:

"Y-you're scaring me..."



Tony looked up at the omega, frowning. He’s still got a headache, and he’s trying not to take it out on Terran. “Why?” He grunted.

There was a moment’s hesitation before Terran finally padded over to Tony, head still bowed deeply. “‘m sorry,” he murmured. “‘m just being dumb. Know you’re busy…”

He pulled close. “No, shh. Its me, okay. I got tired, and I shouldn’t take it out on you.” He whispered, kissing his temple. “Forgive your alpha?”

The Suit and I Are One || Closed



"I’ve decided that its high past time that I build something that can pin you down, hold you tight. I added some extra pieces to the suit….something that can force you to stay down, fuck you nice and hard and proper." Tony purred, eyes dark.

Steve couldn’t help the laugh that left his lips. There was a slight twinkle of excitement in his eyes, and hearing Tony talk was only turning him on. He wasn’t sure if that was good or bad, but he was going to go with the former for the time being. Steve raised an eyebrow and smirked at him. “So this is why you have been spending so much time down in the lab?” Steve never really questioned what Tony did in the lab, just assumed that it was important. Steve didn’t doubt Tony, he was the smartest man that he knew and his technology was unnerving. “Are you sure it can hold me down?” he teased. 

"Why don’t you see if you can get free?" Tony offered, raising an eyebrow. "Because i think you’ll come to find that you can’t."

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A/B/O AU @Darklystark



Tony didn’t hold back anymore, and slid two fingers down to push into his wet heat without waiting, spreading his fingers. “Gonna take care of you, baby, don’t worry.”

Lazarus clenches down on those fingers, keening and tossing his head back, impaling himself on Tony’s digits eagerly. “F-Fuck! Oh, T-Tony, s’not enough-” He whines, wishing they were at his place already.

Tony added another finger, twisting them and pressing them deep. “Almost there, beautiful, promise.”

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