Wolfhawk Verse AU : Scott gives Stiles and Hawk a talk, and gives both of them the same response, since they both gave the same answer.

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Teen Wolf AU : Stiles was the one born to be a natural Alpha - and Peter agrees to show him how. On one condition : Stiles will agree to be his mate.

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The ‘Clint’s Shey’ha’ gifset, featuring guest stars Thor and Loki! (who just can’t stay in their own gifset. For shame, boys. For shame.)

Main Pairings: ClintTony, SteveBucky, LoganJohnny, ThorLoki and little Loner Phil! (though everyone plays with everyone~!)

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You ask me to open that door and walk through it, you will not like what walks back out.
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Mainverse AU : After realizing that between Tony’s husband and his AI there is no way that he can get to Tony or Phil, Killian does some digging…and finds out about Rowan and Lexxi.

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Uhm. I made a thing, whoops~
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“We don’t have issues, We have whole subscriptions.”
As soon as Amy said this, I knew i had to make a graphic. As always, IronTie! Enjoy!

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A constellation of tears on your lashes
Burn everything you love
Then burn the ashes.
-My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark :: Fall Out Boy (x)
I can’t decide if this is normal or bodyguard verse. Either way, I’m fond of it. Enjoy!
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Superfamily AU: Tony and Steve keep fighting, and Peter can’t handle it - so he calls Coulson, who helps talk him through it.

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